Urgent call for action and support from Voronezh Human Rights House!

Human Rights House - Voronezh faces a real threat of closure again. On 13 August, human rights defenders learnt the local authorities of Voronezh decided not to prolong the rental agreement for the Human Rights House office.

In fact, the municipal authorities decided to kick NGOs (including those working with youth) out of their office under the pretext of creating a municipal youth centre that should occupy the same building. It is clear this is a politically motivated decision aimed at stopping the work of human rights groups.

For more than 15 years the Voronezh Human Rights House has been a centre for human rights protection and promotion not only on local, but also on international level. The office also hosted the International Youth Human Rights Movement.

Today, our colleagues from HRH-Voronezh seek international help and support!

In order to support them you can:

1. Send a letter of support on behalf of your organization or group to the Governor of the Voronezh Region; • Human Rights Ombudsman of the Voronezh Region or some other officials.

2. Sign a petition to support the House of Human Rights in Voronezh.

3. Ask an acquainted parliamentarian or a government official for support

4. Organize a regional campaign of support

5. Come to the Human Rights House and help with your presence in Voronezh.

Detailed information about the situation and possible actions can be found hereThe campaign coordinators can be contacted via email: save@hrworld.ru, or by phone: +7-915-547-65-87; +7-910-228-84-49.

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