Belarus: Time for media reform. London launch

Following launches in Minsk and Brussels, join Index on Censorship for the UK launch of our important new policy paper ‘Belarus: Time For Media Reform’.

Belarus continues to have one of the most restrictive and hostile media environments in Europe. Recent years have brought no genuine improvements to the media situation. In a country that has not held a free and fair election since 1994 the authorities keep tight control over the media as a means of preserving their power.

Join us to ask:

  • What are the key challenges for media freedom in Belarus?
  • Does the internet change the rules of the game? 
  • What trends is Belarus setting for other authoritarian regimes?
  • How should the EU and the international community respond?

With Andrei Bastunets (Belarusian Association of Journalists, Minsk) and Andrei Aliaksandrau (Index on Censorship, London).

WHEN: Thursday 27th February 2014, 18:30 – 20:00 inc. drinks

WHERE: Free Word Centre, 60 Farringdon Road, EC1R 3GA

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It is held on 4 August 2014 to express solidarity with Belarusian activists and human rights defenders who live and work under difficult conditions imposed by the regime.