Human Rights Information and Documentation Systems, International (HURIDOCS) is deeply rooted in the human rights movement, with decades of field experience and a high level of expertise in using information and technology. HURIDOCS applies strategies and techniques from these rapidly evolving domains to the distinctive needs and contexts of human rights defenders. We explore how information and technology can make a material difference in outcomes for victims and perpetrators of human rights violations.

Our work started in 1982 by helping grassroots organisations understand how to classify and manage their documents. Thirty-five years later, HURIDOCS has become a field leader in developing innovative tools, methodology and resources.

HURIDOCS believes that human rights defenders who have reliably documented, structured, searchable and shareable information are empowered to promote the truth about violations, seek redress for victims and oppose cultures of impunity. We seek to build a culture of thinking about and acting strategically on information in the human rights world.