Protection of Rights without Borders

“Protection of Rights without Borders” is a non-governmental human rights organization working in Armenia to promote protection of human rights, to foster the principles of the rule of law and good governance in the country. 

The organization is specialized on rule of law, judicial reform, good governance, security sector reforms and has strong capacities of human rights monitoring, evaluation and legal research. The activities of the organization cover all regions of the RA. 

Since 2009 the PRWB has implemented more than 15 projects and nine of them were on court monitoring, policy researches and evaluations. For these projects the organization get funded by the EU Delegation, OSF-Armenia, OSCE-Yerevan, USAID-Counterpart International, Czhech Foregin Ministary, Jeneva Center for Democratic Reforms of Armed forces and etc.

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Mika belonged to a period that retains a persistent nostalgia of the irresistible desire to break through the wall, sustained by the memory of the first generation of Soviet dissidents. For him, protecting human rights was about being on the frontline where things happened, where government abused the rights of citizens and disregarded the law.