Armenian Helsinki Committee

Established in 1995, the Helsinki Committee of Armenia (HCA) is a non-government human rights organization that monitors the government’s compliance with the Republic of Armenia’s international human rights obligations and recommends legislative changes or new policy ideas to improve the quality of rights protection in the country. Where relevant, HCA challenges national laws that conflict with Armenia’s international commitments. Members of HCA include attorneys and representatives who participate in court hearings. The organization collects and analyses information about the human rights situation in Armenia. HCA has produced and distributed information about a range of issues, including violations of religious freedom, infringement of the rights of ethnic minorities, political persecution, and abuse of the rights of members of the military

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Helsinki Committee of Armenia has published a report on Parliamentary Elections 2017. 

Mika belonged to a period that retains a persistent nostalgia of the irresistible desire to break through the wall, sustained by the memory of the first generation of Soviet dissidents. For him, protecting human rights was about being on the frontline where things happened, where government abused the rights of citizens and disregarded the law.