DRA - German-Russian Exchange



A vibrant and independet civil society, pluralistic discourse and unconditional respect for human and civil rights are preconditions for any democratic society. Safeguarding and developing values remains an ongoing challenge and calls for competent action on a joint basis across national boundaries. The DRA is making its contribution towards this goal through its commitment to civil society, covering a range of issues and working together with numerous international partners. Formed in Berlin in 1992 - originally as "German-Russian Exchange" - it has been actively involved in Eastern Europe and Germany for many years and working in cooperation with partners in many other regions of Europe and the post-Soviet area.

Our main topics are:

Strenghtening European civil society structures
Education and active citizenship
Climate and environmental protection
Civil and human rights
Democratic public discourse and media
Conflict transformation and interethnic reconciliation
Interculturalism, integration, inclusion


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