Citizen Army Law

The Human rights group “Citizen Army Law” was established in May 2010 by the leaders of the network community of Russian human rights organizations “Citizen and the Army”, which since 2001 has worked to support the development of democratic alternative civil service, and, since 2003 has been implementing the monitoring of human rights violations during the process of military conscription and military service in Russia.

The main goal of the Human rights group “Citizen Army Law” is to carry out  activities to protect the human rights and legal interests of conscripts and conscientious objectors, those being in military or alternative civil service, members of their families, as well as:

- the realization and protection of civil, economic, social and cultural rights and freedoms of Russian citizens;

- providing assistance in joining together the efforts of citizens to realize and protect their common interests;

- assisting with creating a developed civil society and democratic state governed by the rule of law, where the return of totalitarianism is impossible;

- assisting governmental and local state bodies and mass-media with activities providing the realization and protection of human and citizens’ rights and freedoms;

- developing awareness-raising and education in the sphere of human rights.

The human rights group is headed by Sergei Krivenko, member of the Presidential Council on Civil Society Institutions and Human Rights, member of the Expert Council of the Ombudsman of the Russian Federation, Secretary of the NGO Coalition “For Democratic ACS” (since 2002), executive secretary of the network of human rights organizations “Citizen and the Army”.

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