Rules of Procedure of the Council of the International Civic Solidarity Platform

1. The Council of the Platform is a permanent collegial body, which oversees organizational matters, develops normative regulation of Platform's activities and takes decisions on questions of membership in the Platform and on its structure. The Council is operating on the basis of the Main Organizational Principles of the Platform and the Rules of Procedure of the Council described hereto. The Council can make decisions during official meetings or remotely.

The initial composition of the Council will be formed by representatives of the founding members of the Platform that have agreed to its Declaration of the Platform and its Organizational Principles .

Every organization that is represented in the Council has the right at any moment to withdraw its representative and replace him/her with a new one by notifying the Secretariat of the Platform.


2. The Council of the Platform takes the following types of decisions:

2.1. It accepts new members of the Platform.

Decisions to accept new members of the Platform will be considered adopted if three member organizations from different countries (including at least one member of the Council) recommend a candidate and there is no opposition to it from three of more members of the Council within fourteen days. 

2.2. It approves establishment of new working groups within the Platform.

Decisions to confirm the creation of a new group will be considered adopted if the proposal for creation of the group is in accordance with the established criteria (that there be three initiators from among the member organizations from at least two different countries; that there be a coordinator or coordinators from among the member organizations; that its goals and tasks are in accordance with the overall goals of the Platform; that a list of initial members is provided including their contact information; and an indication that the group has its own regulations, if they are to be adopted) and if three or more Council members do not express reservations within fourteen days.  If necessary, the Council consults with the Coordinating committee.

2.3. It takes decisions on expelling organizations from the Platform or discontinuing their membership.

Decisions to expel organizations from the platform will be considered in case they take actions that clearly contradict the goals set forth in the Declaration of the Platform. Such a decision may be adopted if the issue is raised by a minimum of three members of the Council and if within fourteen days three or more members of the Council do not object. In case of member organization ceasing its activity, the decision may be taken to discontinue membership according to the the same procedure.

2.4. It adopts regulations (rules of procedure) on the activities of the Platform or of its various bodies

The regulations (rules of procedure) will be adopted if they are supported by two-thirds of the members of the Council within two months.

2.5. Other decisions within the mandate of the Council (general procedure)

Other decisions will be considered adopted if  at least  one-third of the Council members are in favour and no more than 5 members express their opposition within 14 days.


3. The inclusion of new members into the Council will be carried out on the recommendation of any three members of the Council as long as three or more members of the Council are not opposed.  In taking such decisions, the candidate organization’s experience working on the international level and its willingness to contribute to the development of the Platform and the ties among its members will be taken into account.


4. The Council appoints the Editor (Editorial Board) of the Platform’s Internet site by the general procedure described in paragraph 2.5.


5. The Council designates the Secretariat by the general procedure described in paragraph 2.5.  The function of the Secretariat will be carried out for a term of one year by the members of the Platform represented in the Council on a rotating basis.


6. Any member of the Council may withdraw from the Council by informing the Secretariat and the other members of the Council.  Such organizations will retain the right to remain members or participants in the Platform.


7. Changes in the Rules of procedure will be adopted on the basis of proposals submitted by three members based on the procedure set in 2.4.


Adopted in Kyiv by the Council of the Platform

February 28, 2012