Women with disabilities - Human Rights Activists: Stories of Inclusivity

"This project is an endeavor to make the performance of human rights defenders and activists more visible in the society and the human rights community. For this purpose, we have collected stories of life and work of the women with various disabilities who defend the rights of the people with disabilities so as to demonstrate the importance of their work to the society.

Visibility of human rights work of the women with disabilities is the path toward visibility of the problems and barriers the people with disabilities have to deal with and the insight into how these barriers can be removed. It is important to involve women with disabilities in the current human rights classes and discussions, to help them overcome their physical and informational barriers, expanding the public awareness to promote a dialogue with the human rights activists defending the rights of the people with disabilities as equals." - M. Yasenovska, President, KRF “Public Alternative”.

Kharkiv Regional Foundation “Public Alternative”, a CSP member organization, presents “Women with disabilities — Human Rights Activists: Stories of Inclusivity” — a project implemented under the auspices of the Women's International League for Peace and Freedom (WILPF) and the Civic Solidarity Platform's Working Group on Women and Gender Realities in the OSCE Region with financial support from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Federal Republic of Germany and DRA (German-Russian Exchange). Activists of Kharkiv Regional Foundation “Public Alternative” interviewed twelve Ukrainian women with disabilities — human rights activists: Daryna Brykaylo, Olena Vyshnya, Valentyna Dobrydina, Daria Korzhavina, Iryna Larikova, Rayisa Kravchenko, Iryna Sarancha, Yuliia Sachuk, Uliana Pcholkina, Tetyana Furmanova, Nataliia Morotska and Iva Stishun and asked them to address such questions as: How barrier-free is our society? What are the ways to inclusivity for discriminated groups? What is it like to be a woman with disability and all the while protect human rights in Ukraine? The respondents shared their personal experience and each story proved to be unique.

The version in Ukrainian (версія українською мовою) is available HERE.

Photo credit: Cristina Martinez via Planoly blog