A Day in the Life of Women Peacebuilders in the Time of Covid

A Day in a Life of Women Peacebuilders in the Time of Covid

"It is an original chronicle of the daily lives of selfless, remarkable women, who are inspired to be change-makers for better lives and have the strength to inspire others. It is documentation into understanding women, under unusual and unpredictable Covid-19 related state of existence. It is a narrative on changes in the women’s lives related to Covid-19 and the creative solutions and methodologies they procured to continue their work under the most challenging conditions."

Armenian NGO Democracy Today issued an online publication “A Day In a Life of Women Peacebuilders In the Time of Covid”, which presents a unique collection of documentation of a day in the life of 53 women from 38 countries. 

The pandemic has brought up numerous existing governance and management problems among many huge inequalities of wealth distribution and levels of protection of people throughout the world. It also augmented and exacerbated numerous existing problems that women faced in societies worldwide – from gender-based violence, honor killings, women’s trafficking and forced labor, to climate change, conflicts, wars, and financial crisis. In response to all these, women are disproportionately affected and pushed to the forefront of the pandemic response efforts as caretakers, mothers, essential workers, healthcare providers, and victims of the virus. 

In their stories, women peacebuilders present their recommendations to the governments, international communities, and world leaders. They recommend policies during and after Covid-19 for stronger solidarity and unity in promoting women’s rights.

Photo credit: iStock / Ada Yokota