Islands peace and justice. Women and gender realities in the OSCE area.

This publication gives in a 1st part a selective overview of activities and conversations of the „Working Group on Women and Gender Realities in the OSCE Region“ in the last 6 years.

Members of the WG from different parts of the OSCE region and divers affiliations to civil society organisations and networks document materials that they shared with the group and animated discussions. The texts are a rich source of profound general reflection on peace-building and the defence of women’s rights as human rights. Some texts are an extract of a longer version or publication. Feel inspired to read more.

Women‘s stories were born out of direct contacts with local activists on the ground and commented by international experts to target key stakeholders with advocacy messages and keep them informed.

I thank the German Ministry of Foreign Affairs for their financial support over years of the project, the German civil society organisation “Austausch” (namely Jacob Riemer and Katia Kokorina) for their friendly organisational support, the trust and reliable financial management of my organisation WILPF Germany as project partner (Laura Gaissmeier and Jennifer Menninger), the many individual women and men, groups, networks, friends and activists from the local to the global level.

Heidi Meinzolt, Coordinator of the WG

ISLANDS OF PEACE AND JUSTICE Women and Gender Realities in the OSCE Area