Austrian Helsinki Association


The Austrian Helsinki Association – For Human Rights and International Dialogue was founded in 2008 and is a non-profit organisation formed as a voluntary association of citizens. AHA sees itself as part of the international Helsinki movement and as its contact in Austria.

The purpose of the organization is the promotion of compliance with human rights standards and its worldwide strengthening. The second main purpose is promotion of international dialogue and peace, i.e. human security, particularly through

  • supporting initiatives to tackle political or social conflicts;
  • conducting projects for strengthening of pluralistic, democratic societies and civil society activities which serve the general public;
  • constituting and participating in international networks aimed at mutual support and solidarity;

AHA focuses in its activities on dialogue, bringing people together, exchanging opinions and ideas, strengthen understanding, developing capacities and building synergies in order to promote human rights and peace:

  • facilitation of dialogue between experts of civil society and decision makers (meetings of activists with members of the Austrian Parliament) as well as amongst groups and communities;
  • international youth exchanges on various issues like human rights, conflict, gender etc., funded by the Council of Europe;
  • European Voluntary Service with partner organizations in the South Caucasus;
  • organisation and participation of projects (supporting civil society and human rights defenders for example in Chechnya, in conferences, seminars and events;
  • participation in corresponding networks, for example International monitoring mission to Belarus as well as related conferences.

AHA mainly focuses its activities on the Black Sea/ Caucasus region.