Public Organization ”CrimeaSOS”


CrimeaSOS was created on February 27, 2014 on the first day of Russian occupation of the peninsula as information platform, which provided timely and reliable information about the situation in Crimea. Over time, the organization activity has expanded and soon we became has become an implementing partner of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees in programs related to the protection of IDPs.

Our mission is de-occupation of Crimea peninsula and its reintegration. Our activities are aimed at highlighting the illegality of the occupation of Crimea and the repressive policy of the Russian Federation, maintaining connections between the peninsula with the mainland Ukraine, as well as the consolidation of Ukrainian society through the protection of rights, freedoms and interests of internally displaced persons (IDPs) and others who were affected by armed the conflict in eastern Ukraine and Crimea.

The spheres of our activity are:

  1. Occupied territories

- Advocacy of the return of Crimea and actualizing of the peninsula's issues at national and international levels

- Monitoring and analysis of human rights violations in Crimea

- Information Center QirimInfo – monitoring and prompt dissemination of news about Crimea

- Support and protection of survivors of repression

  1. Internally displaced persons

- Advocacy of issues related to IDPs at the national and international levels

- Monitoring and analysis of the rights of IDPs

- Legal advice and accompaniment of judicial cases

- Social and humanitarian aid, psychological and integrational support

- Community development and mobilization

  1. Those who were affected by the armed conflict and Revolution of Dignity

- Support of the families of Heroes of Heavenly Hundred and families of doctors and journalists who were killed in eastern Ukraine and families with three or more children of defenders who were killed in eastern Ukraine.