Working Group on Counter-Terrorism, Anti-Extremism and Human Rights

Members of the Civic Solidarity Platform recognise the significant threat that terrorism poses to peace, security and stability within the OSCE area as well as to the enjoyment of human rights and social and economic development.
The protection of human rights is often seen as incompatible with national security. In fact, it provides an essential framework for sustainable security. Despite this, increasingly authorities across the OSCE region have introduced counter-terror measures that violate human rights. Such policies can ultimately be counter-productive.

The same holds true for anti-extremism policies which are aimed at preventing conflicts and providing tolerance and security but instead often provoke controversy and feeling of injustice due to violating such basic rights as freedom of expression, religion or assembly.

Members of the Civic Solidarity Platform are eager to play a constructive role in designing and implementing effective counter-terrorism and anti-extremism strategies that respect and advance human rights.

A) Monitoring the human rights impact of counter-terrorism and anti-extremism initiatives across the OSCE region and raising the alarm when human rights threats emerge;
B) Facilitating the exchange of experience and expertise between CSP members with respect to the human rights impact of counter-terrorism, anti-extremism initiatives;
C) Advocating to ensure human rights standards are respected and promoted within policies and initiatives to counter terrorism and violent extremism.*

* As well as OSCE-focused advocacy this may also focus on other relevant international bodies such as INTERPOL, NATO, the UN, EU and Council of Europe.