Human Rights Monitoring Institute


The Human Rights Monitoring Institute (HRMI) seeks to promote the development of an open, democratic society based on human rights principles. HRMI is a non-government organization based in Lithuania. The institute, founded in 2003, aims to develop the capacity of civil society to track and influence government policy, encourage Lithuanians to exercise their rights and, in certain cases, assist in defending those rights. The organization seeks to develop a culture respectful of human rights by raising awareness about human rights violations, their causes and consequences, and by stimulating public dialogue between civil society members and state institutions about human rights topics. HRMI works to motivate state institutions and officials to bring about tangible improvements in legislation, programs and services and to increase government accountability. HRMI conducts daily monitoring of the activities of government agencies, issues public responses to reported human rights abuses, conducts research to document abuses, and prepares analysis and recommendations regarding how to remedy abusive situations. The organization also initiates strategic litigation and prepares alternative reports to international human rights bodies.