Ukrainian Helsinki Human Rights Union


The Ukrainian Helsinki Human Rights Union was established in 2004 to promote implementation of the 1975 final act of the Conference on Security and Cooperation in Europe as well as other international human rights obligations accepted by the government of Ukraine. The Ukrainian Helsinki Human Rights Union is non-profit and non-partisan association of 30 Ukrainian human rights NGOs. The association researches and closely monitors the human rights situation in Ukraine, reports publicly on instances of abuse, and makes recommendations for improvements in rights protection. The UHHRU comments on draft laws and legal acts, prepares and lobbies for legislative initiatives, facilitates public discussion of draft laws, and opposes legislation that would weaken human rights safeguards. The organization defends human rights and fundamental freedoms through the courts and before government bodies, provides legal assistance to victims of rights abuse, conducts education campaigns, including seminars, training courses and conferences, and provides support for a network of human rights organizations.