Human Rights Club

Human Rights Club was founded in December 2010 – on the World Human Rights Day – by several human rights defenders in Azerbaijan. The main goal of the HRC is to protect human rights and freedoms in Azerbaijan, enhance respect for human rights and freedoms and arrange effective rights defence.

The Human Rights Club has carried out the following main projects with its local partners so far:

1. “Expression Online Initiative”, an objective was to use the Internet Governance Forum hosted by Baku on November 6-8 2012, as a platform to monitor, protect and impact the exercise of freedom in cyberspace.

2. “Sing for Democracy “, was using Eurovision Song Contest 2012 as a platform to advocate for the protection of human rights and democratic values in Azerbaijan, followed by targeted lobbying for the implementation of specific democratic reforms.

HRC has launched Art for democracy campaign in December 2012, and continues preparations for the activities in the frame of this campaign as well as daily human rights protection and advocacy work.